Caparisoned elephant miniatures

The more you come to know about our festivals the more you become familiar with phrases like 'caparisoned elephants', 'coloured parasols' etc. In Kerala, the elephant is a part of our lives and almost every house has at least one. You can carry one home in your trunk too. Our craftsmen are skilled at carving out little elephants in wood and stone, and decorating them with little mirrors, beads and embroidery to make them look like the actual caparisoned tusker.
- Payyannur pavithra mothiram - Aranmula Kannadi - Nilavilakku
- Uru models - Caprisoned Elephant -Treasure Chest
- Nettipattom - Kasavu Embroidered Clothes - Pepper
- Mural Paintings - Sandalwood oil Extract - Cardamom
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