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Thrissur, also known as Trichur is the cultural capital of Kerala. Thrissur has a rich history, cultural heritage and archaeological wealth. From ancient times, this district has played a significant role in the political history of South India. Many rulers and dynasties such as the Zamorins of Kozhikode, Tipu Sultan of Mysore and Europeans including the Dutch and British have played an important role in the history of this region. Raja Rama Varma popularly known as the Sakthan Thampuran was the architect of the present Thrissur town. Today, Thrissur is famous all over the world for its Pooram festival. Kerala Kala Mandalam, the Kerala Sahitya Academy and Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy are also located here.


District Area

3,032 Sq.Km.



Sex Ratio


Growth Rate


Density per km2



92.56 %


310 cm (Annual)

The name “Thrissur” is the abbreviated anglicized form of the Malayalam word "Thrissivaperur" which means the town of the "Sacred Siva". The town is built on an elevated ground, at the apex of which is the famous "Vadakkumnathan" Temple with Shiva as its presiding deity. Known as "Vrishabhadripuram" and "Ten Kailasam" in ancient days, Thrissur is a place of great antiquity. It has rich history, cultural heritage and archeological wealth and thus it is referred as the cultural capital of Kerala. Trichur is famed and wide for its pooram festival. The festival of festivals, the Pooram is celebrated with an unmatched pageantry of a hundreds of drums, dozens of caparisoned elephants and brilliant fireworks.

The Thrissur today is the inheritor of the glorious tradition of art and culture. Many famous cultural institutions and organisations of the state are located in the district.  Some of them are the Kerala Sahitya Academy, the Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy, the Kerala Lalitkala Academy, the Kerala Kala Mandalam, the Thrissur Museum, the Archaeological Museum, etc. Thrissur also has some of the best educational institutions in the State. Thrissur also lead in women's education with its plethora of colleges and schools run mostly by the Church. The town is also famous for its gold and jewellery business.


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