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Information about Munnar

Munnar is located at the Idukki district of Kerala State in South India. Munnar's mesmerising greenery, mountain scenery, calmness and cool refreshing air attracts honeymooners and tourists throughout the year. It is a weekend hideout location for domestic tourists during summer season. Foreign travellers likes watching the natural beauty of Kerala while the journey from Thekkady to Munnar.

Munnar is at the confluence of three rivers. In Tamil, the word 'munnu' means "three" and 'aar' means "river". Hence "Munnar" is a shortened version of 'Munnu Aar'. The 3 mountain streams joining together here are Madurapuzha, Nallathanni and Kundala. 

Munnar is a commercial centre with one of the world's best tea estates. There are about 30 tea plantations in and around Munnar. Among these, majority of the plantations are owned by Tata Group's Kannan Devan Tea Estate. A visit to Munnar can witness the nurturing of tea in plantation to the process of manufacturing and packing.  

The tea estates, hills, lakes and forests inside Munnar area exposes it's beauty. The tea plants covered Munnar hills makes the feeling of seeing a wide green carpet.

Geography of Munnar
The region in and around Munnar varies in height from 2,000 meters (6,562 ft) to 2,600 meters (8,530 ft) above mean sea level. Munnar enjoys a salubrious climate. The temperature ranges between 10 °C (50 °F) and 0 °C (32 °F) in winter and 8 °C (46.4 °F) and 16 °C (60.8 °F) in summer. The tourist season in Munnar is from August to May. However, even the monsoons are lovely with many streams and rivulets in the area and post drizzle the dew drenched tea gardens looking majestic and heavenly enshrouded in light mist 

Tourist attractions in Munnar

There are a number of tourist attractions in the hill station of Munnar. Travellers can have panoramic view of the verdant surroundings and forested hills from Munnar. Walks and hiking around the small town of Munnar offer an exhilarating experience. Travellers can also enjoy walking amongst the numerous tea estates of Munnar and view the entire process of making tea, right from plucking of tealeaves to their processing at the Kundale tea plantation.  Anaimudi (2,695 m), the highest peak in southern India, can be viewed from Munnar. 

The Christ Church is an important place to visit in Munnar. Built of stone, it was constructed by the British in 1910. This church of Munnar is known for its stain glass windows. It has a number of brass plaques in memory of the tea planters of Munnar. 

The National Adventure Foundation conducts a course on paragliding in Munnar. Travellers can also enjoy boating in the lakes in Munnar.

Excursions from Munnar

The Evarikulam National Park is 16 km from Munnar. This national park is the home of elephants, lion-tailed macaque, and the Nilgiri tahr (a rare mountain goat). Travellers can also explore the Rajamala Hills adjoining the national park as an excursion option from Munnar. 

Marayoor is 42 km from Munnar to east of the Evarikulam National Park. Here one can experience the peaceful ambience and beauty of a sandalwood forest. 

The Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is 52 km from Munnar. This sanctuary is the home of elephants, leopards, and bear. Top Station, bordering the state of Kerala, offers spectacular views of the Western Ghats. Both make excellent excursion option from Munnar. 

10 km from Munnar, en route to Top Station, one can visit the Mudapetty Dam. This is a popular picnic spot and travellers from Munnar can indulge in activities like boating and horse riding here.

Shopping in Munnar

Munnar is famous for tea. Tourists may buy it straight from the numerous tea estates or from the various shops in Munnar.


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