Ettumanoor Temple Mananchira Square Kozhikode Beach Kappad Beach

Ettumanoor Temple

Ettumanoor Temple - Ettumanoor temple is one of Kozhikode regions well known and highly frequented shrines. This 16th century temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and its Gopuram and fortress were built in 1542 AD.

Like all famous temples in Kerala, Ettumanoor too exhibits beautiful and rich sculptures and mural paintings. Depicting scenes from Ramayana and Bhagwata Gita, the carvings enhance the beauty and spiritual realm of the temple. A fine example of traditional Kerala architecture style, the temple is dotted with several murals and carvings, the most beautiful of which is the Nat raja.

Almost all temples in Kerala organize an annual festival when the devotional excitement and activities is their peak. Ettumanoor temple is no different either and its annual ‘Ezharaponnaana Ezhunallathu’ festival draws huge number of devotees from all parts of the country.

Apart from Lord Shiva, other deities worshipped here are Ganapathy, Sasta and Bhagwati. According to legends, Adi Sankaracharya-the great philosopher wrote some of his best work meditating at this temple. The conical roof of the central shrine is covered with copper and it is regarded as one of Kerala's wealthiest Devaswom. The shrine is located at a distance of 12 km from Kottayam town.

Mananchira Square

Mananchira Square - Mananchira Square is a historical site which has been meticulously converted into a pleasant setting comprising of small hills, beautiful plants & trees, sculptures and shrubs. A realization of a well planned modern city, Mananchira located at the heart of Kozhikode has successfully preserved its history with the modern day innovations to present a charming synthesis.

The area has been developed as an ideal entertainment and leisure destination with musical fountain and open air theatre, musical stage and an artificial stream in place. The name Mananchira was derived from the small pond by the same name which belonged to the regions ruler Manadevan. The place that used to serve as the courtyard of Zamorin rulers now houses everything from Churches, temples, traditional Kerala houses to parks encircling the area. Mananchira has a tank at its center which used to be the private bath of Samuthiris. The huge park actually formed just a part of original royal courtyard. Overall the structure and architectural design gives a glimpse into the opulence and luxury of bygone royal charm.


Kozhikode Beach

rai ranchodji Kozhikode Beach - Kozhikode beach has all that one expects at a beach- from water sports, sun kissed beaches, fun-n-frolic activities to delicious sea food. However, this beach offers something extra through its historical significance. The place where Vasco De Gama anchored his ships in search of newer spice trade locations in the 14th century, the only reminder of old times are the two 150 year old piers and the lighthouse.

A prominent trade and commerce center in the yesteryears, this famous Malabar region used to be the capital of powerful Zamorins. The location is now one of Kozhikode districts most famous destination and often the first choice for its denizens - be it for short picnic trips or to just soak in the sun and experience one of Nature's beautiful facets. The picturesque views of Sunset are one of beach's famous attractions.

Additionally, the area provides several other attractions including the Marine water aquarium and the Lion's park located nearby which is popular amongst children. And the sea food at the beachside stalls is hot favorite. The two piers stretching out into the sea and the old lighthouse provide breathtaking views of Arabian Sea. A Dolphin point exists a short distance from the beach, although only the very lucky ones gets to spot them. Kozhikode is indeed a perfect outdoor destination in the area.

Kappad Beach

Kappad Beach - Kappad Beach has seen it all- from the powerful Zamorins rule, the Portuguese, Dutch and Roman approaches to the gradual shift of the place from a center of activities to an isolated spot for enjoyment and relaxation. Also known as Kappakkadavu beach, Kappad is a splendid beach ideal with a bit of history and loads of laidback relaxing time.

Known as the gateway to Malabar Coast, Kappad beach is located at a distance of 16km from Kozhikode town. The region was initially ruled by the powerful Zamorins and grew in stature owing to the spice trade and the great wealth that attracted the greeks, Romans, Dutch, Portuguese and Arabs. This is the very port where Vasco De Gama landed with his 170 sailors marking the beginning of 500 year old trade relationship between India and Portugal which continues till date. There is not much by means of historical significance that reveals its glorious past apart from a stone pillar with the inscription " Vasco De Gama landed here, Kappakadavu, in the year 1498" carved on it.

Keeping the history part aside, Kappad Beach is now a tranquil beach destination more than suitable to spend some moments of solitude. Spend leisure time here away from cities mad rush and just reflecting back, observing the peace and aura of the place. The waves crashing against the rock studded beach, sea gulls flying and falling into the sea to catch the pray, and the cool sea breeze blowing across your body. Its golden beach is clean and less crowded, making it all the more suitable.

Apart from the beach itself, visitors are treated with a slice of History and religion via the 800 years old temple dedicated to Devi situated nearby. Located atop a rock, this ancient temple just walking distance away is more than worth visiting. Another major attraction is the famous Kozhikode backwater cruise with the Kallai River and Canoli Canal located close to the Beach. Overall, Kappad Beach is a must see for anyone visiting Kozhikode.