Restaurant & Bars

The Lighthouse beach stretch is lined with an array of restaurants specializing in seafood. And if you are a seafood lover, simply make a beeline for one of these restaurants after sundown to enjoy the catch of the day. The food here is usually made to order. Round up your meal with a delicious banana pancake from the German Bakery. It does an assortment of baked food, and is easily the most popular breakfast place in Kovalam also owing to its location on the main beach. ‘Suprabthatam’ is a highly sought-after vegetarian restaurant in town, about 200 meters from the beach. The place is accessible through the path between German Bakery and Hotel Orion. Savor a platter of exotic fresh fruit salad with all the garnishing at ‘Fruit Ladies’ for less than a US dollar. Don’t miss out the grilled fish in butter garlic sauce and rice specialties at Volga, a rooftop restaurant overlooking the azure sea on Lighthouse beach. 

For a unique dining experience, try out ‘Beatles’ – though it hasn’t anything to do with the band’s visit to Kovalam in the 1960s! Owned by a Goan, the restaurant serves delectable Continental and seafood in a laidback ambience with rock music playing relentlessly in the background. This is the kind of place where you can stretch back and sip a glass of beer while watching the waves crash on the shore and ebb away. Beatles is on the famous Lighthouse stretch of sand. ‘Coconut Grove’ on Lighthouse beach is another popularly frequented seafood restaurant that does a fabulous job of tiger prawns. Opposite Taj on Samudra Beach Road, you will come across this really small restaurant called ‘Molly’s’ run by an English lady. The prawn and other seafood preparations here are sumptuous. She does a particularly good job of Sunday roasts and cottage pie. 

Climb up the hillock from the beach to Kovalam Junction, and sample authentic local cuisine. Chicken Fry is hugely popular here, made of fried chicken in red sauce with freshly cut chilies. You can even try out the beef and fish fries – they are succulent and mildly flavored. Do not have high hopes about the ambience of these restaurants as they are humble and local oriented. But can look forward to great chicken! Not to mention, they are reasonably priced. Fusion Restaurant Coffee Bar is another decent place to enjoy deep sea delights, on the first floor of the Lighthouse beach. The offering here is a blend of Eastern, Western and a fusion of both. The place holds both ambience and food paramount - ostensible from the décor, the view it affords and the quality of grub rustled up. ‘Garzia’ is also a good place for seafood and traditional South Indian cuisine on Lighthouse beach, a short distance north of Hotel Neelakanta.
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