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Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary

Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, A birdwatcher's heaven can be found at the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary. This bird sanctuary covers an impressive expanse of 14 acres. A tremendous variety of thousands of different birds can be found at the sanctuary at any given time. Numerous migratory birds even from places like Siberia end up at the sanctuary. It is common to see golden-backed woodpeckers, night herons, kingfishers, paradise fly-catchers, and egrets. 

The entire area was established by the government of India in an effort to preserve the natural habitat of both native plants like mandrakes and coconut trees and of the various birds. Local people can be hired to canoe you through the entire sanctuary.


Backwaters, Various canals, lagoons, and waterways surround Kumarakom's small cluster of islands. These numerous water areas make up what is known as the Backwaters. Tourists love to rent a houseboat there. Each houseboat commonly contains a living room, one bedroom, a bathroom, and a patio of sorts on deck. A local oarsman will pole the houseboat for you as you explore the beautiful scenery in the region. 

Numerous types of flora and fauna can be seen in breathtaking panoramas as you with on the deck. Larger houseboat companies will even let you tether several houseboats together to house a larger tourist group.

Grampi hill station

rai ranchodji Grampi hill station, The picturesque hill station of Grampi, situated 5 kms from Peerumade is also known as the Parunthupara, meaning the eagle rock. It is so called because of the panoramic view it affords from its high peaks.

Rocky plains, lush hillsides, forests trekking trails and picturesque views lend charm to this destination. The road to Grampi is flanked by unending stretches of cardamom, tea and coffee plantations. 

Bharanamganam St. Mary's Church

Bharanamganam St. Mary's Church, Bharanamganam, a small village town in Meenachal Taluk of Kottayam District, has been famous for long as one of the hallowed places in Kerala. St. Mary's Church, Bharanamganam is a 1000 year old church and a famous pilgrimage centre. The Tomb of the blessed Sr.Alphonsa is placed in a chapel beside this church. The important annual festivals of this church are the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, celebrated on the 9th of November, and the Feast of St. Sebastian on the 20th of January.

Vembanad Lake

rai ranchodji Vembanad Lake, Vembanad Lake, one of the largest fresh water lakes in Asia, is 12km west from Kottayam. Kottayam is a vast network of rivers and canals, which empty into the great expanse of water called Vembanad Lake. The lake, an enchanting tourist spot and a fast developing Backwater Tourism destination, provides boating, fishing and sightseeing experiences that are truly exhilarating. Vembanad, the beautiful reservoir stretches across the verdant lands of Kerala. The lake has been the reason for the flourishment of the flora and fauna in this region.
Vembanad Kayal, as it is called in the regional language, is a tank that acts against the floods. The local people in their attractive clothings are found searching for the tasty Karimeen fish. The Kumarakom Tourist Village offers houseboat cruises and holiday packages. One can take a boat for cruises around the lake. There are houseboats that take one across the lake, making one's trip memorable.  

Ettumanoor Mahadeva Temple

Ettumanoor Mahadeva Temple, Mahadeva Temple at Ettumanoor is located 13 km away from Kottayam town.The 'Ezharaponnana' and 'Kedavilakku' of this temple is famous. Myths have it that the Pandavas and the sage Vyasa had worshipped at this temple. The arattu festival of this temple is celebrated on a grand scale on the Thiruvathira day in Kumbham (February-March) every year. Large number of people flock to this temple on the 8th and 10th day of the festival when seven and half elephants(Ezharaponnana) made of gold (nearly 13 Kgms) will be held in public view. The temple, the wealthiest Devaswom in Kerala, has many valuable possessions.