Fort St.Angelos Thalassery Fort Ezhimala Muzhappilangad Drive

Fort St.Angelos

Fort St.Angelos - Fort St.Angelos is in the west of Kannur town. It was built in 1505 by the first Portuguese Viceroy, Don Francisco De Almeida, with the permission of the Kolathiris, on a promontory jutting into the Lakshadweep sea.The Dutch captured the fort in 1663 and sold it to the Ali Raja of Kannur in 1772 and in 1790 it came into the possession of the British.The British rebuilt it and made it their most important station in Malabar.This fort is in a fairly good state of preservation, though parts of it have collapsed. A few obsolete guns are seen at the place. The fort is a protected monument under the Archaeological Survey of India.

Thalassery Fort

Thalassery Fort - The British arrived in Thalassery in 1683 and errected a goods shed there.� They shifted their commercial capital to Thalassery from Kozhikode, following obstruction from the Dutch.
In 1700, the British built the Thalassery Fort on a small hill called Tiruvellapadkunnu and in 1708, it was strengthened by increasing its height and with bastions. The fort is a square structure built of laterite and is distinguished by its massive ventilated walls and strong flanking bastions. It was here that Haider's captain was imprisoned.The famous St.John's Anglican church is behind this fort.


rai ranchodji Ezhimala - Ezhimala, the capital of the ancient Mooshika kings, is considered to be an ancient historical site. It is a conspicuous, isolated cluster of hills, forming a promontory, 38 kms. north of Kannur. A flourishing sea port and centre of trade in ancient Kerala, it was one of the major battle fields of the Chola-Chera war of the 11th century.It is believed that Lord Budha had visited Ezhimala. An old mosque believed to contain the mortal remains of Shaikh Abdul Latif, a Muslim reformist, is also located here. The hill is noted for rare medicinal herbs.Bordered by sea on three sides, Ezhimala is set to occupy a prominent place in the naval history of the country, consequent to the proposal for commissioning the Naval Academy here.

Muzhappilangad Drive

Muzhappilangad Drive - Muzhappilangad Beach is 15 km South of Kannur and only 8 km fromThalassery.Beach. Black rocks protect Muzhappilangad from the current of the deep, making its shallow water a swimmer's paradise. This beautiful beach is the only drive-in beach in God’s own country . Believe it or not, you can drive down the entire 5 km length .A unique treat to your senses.

Muzhappilangad is a small coastal village in Kannur district in the Indian state of Kerala. From Muzhappilangad you can see the Dharmadam island (Pacha Thuruth) just across the Ancharakkandy river.

The nearest town to Muzhappilangad is Thalassery which is 7 km away. The District Headquarters Kannur is about 13 km from Muzhappilangadu.

Muzhappilangadu is famous for "Thalappoli", a local a three day festival celebrated in March in "Sree Koormba Temple". In this festival devotees take Kalasham (a sacred brass receptacle) and walk kilometers to the Temple to show their respect to the Goddess.