St. Angelo's Fort, Kannur


Location : 3 km west of Kannur town, north Kerala.
Attraction : A fascinating view of a natural fishing bay and a sea wall projecting from the fort separating the rough sea and inland water.

A massive triangular laterite fort, replete with a moat and flanking bastions, the St. Angelo's Fort also called Kannur Fort was constructed by the first Portuguese Viceroy, Don Francesco de Almeida in 1505.

In 1663, the Dutch captured the fort from the Portuguese and sold it to Ali Raja of Kannur. In 1790 the British who seized control over the fort, renovated and equipped it to be their most important military station in Malabar.

Today, St. Angelo's Fort is a protected monument under the Archaeological Survey of India. The fort offers a fascinating view of the Moppila Bay and Dharmadom Island. Dharmadom island, only 5 acres in area, is situated 100 metres away from the mainland in the Arabian sea. The Moppila Bay is a natural fishing bay. A sea wall projecting from the fort separates the rough sea and inland water. Today, the bay has turned into a modern fishing harbour, developed under the Indo-Norwegian Pact.

Getting there: 
Nearest railway station: Kannur, about 3 km.
Nearest airport: Karipur International Airport, Kozhikode about  93 km.

Note: Malabar was the popular term used in the ancient and medieval periods to delineate the Malayalam speaking areas of Kerala which comprised numerous petty states and kingdoms. By the close of the medieval period, three prominent kingdoms emerged : Travancore, Kochi and Malabar. But after the re-organisation of states on linguistic basis in 1956, these three political units merged to assume the name Kerala.

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